Television Network Blossom Creates Content for Multicultural Women

Television Network Blossom Creates Content for Multicultural Women

Founder, Diamonde Williamson (Image: Blossom)
Founder, Diamonde Williamson (Image: Blossom)

There are tons of television networks that are heavily targeting multicultural female audiences like BET Her, OWN, and in many cases VH1, but we have yet to see a digital platform fully dedicated to delivering shows that are all about women of color, until now. Meet Blossom.

Black Enterprise recently caught up with CEO Diamonde Williamson of Blossom to discuss why she created the platform, why they are unique to the market, and how other content creators can get involved.


User Interface (Image: Blossom)
User Interface (Image: Blossom)


Tell me about your background?

I’ve spent much of my career after college working as an assistant to bloggers and speakers and as a producer in television. My career path was very unorthodox being that I’ve only had a corporate job for about eight months out of my six years being out of college.

Why did you decide to start Blossom?

After creating YouTube videos for a few years right after college, I wanted to get serious about it so I found work in television as a producer. While working for OWN, USA, VH1 and WeTV, I realized that I wanted to create content quicker; in various formats and with different representations of women of color. So I started Blossom.

With all of the content platforms on the market, how does Blossom stand out?

Blossom is the only video platform targeted to women of color (African, African American, Latina, Multiracial). We’re also creating content based on what we’ve learned about our audience so that what they see is intentional. Not to mention, the entire team and production company, Majority Women, are women of color.

For creators who want to submit content, how do they go about doing so?

If you want to submit content to us, simply email your pilot, short film, web series, or whatever form you prefer to

How can women access the platform?

Women can start watching Blossom by visiting and signing up.