Blow It Down: Five Black-Owned Dispensaries You Can Buy Bud And Smoke THC In Peace

The date, 4/20, is like Christmas for cannabis smokers. With recent changes to marijuana laws across the country, people can now smoke and purchase weed/THC freely without judgment—and in public.

Just in case you’re looking to enjoy the festivities in peace, here’s a list of some Black-owned dispensaries to support:

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Black Majic

With over 200 marijuana dispensaries in Tulsa County, Black Majic is looking to change the narrative for weed smokers. This dispensary allows users to not only purchase marijuana but to learn more about the industry if they’re considering this trade. Black Majic greets customers with an innovative kiosk system that involves opening doors for customers and trying the product before checking out.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Arizona – Fourtwenty Collections

The best way to celebrate is by shopping at the first Black-, women-owned dispensary in New Mexico and Arizona. Fourtwenty Collections opens on 4/20 and is owned by Marvin Thomas. She started the business in 2016, focusing on CBD-infused soap. She expanded into CBD-infused edibles after acquiring a vertically integrated medical dispensary license in Arizona.

Detroit, Michigan – Nuggets Cannabis Co.

The first recreational dispensary opened in the Motor City in March due to a social equity program called “Detroit Legacy.” The program is open to people with previous marijuana-related convictions and those whose parents had drug convictions before 2018. Nuggets, one of several stores with adult-use marijuana retail licenses, has opened its doors for employment for those in the system.

Chicago, Illinois – The Grasshopper Club

Started by a mother-and-son team, this Windy City dispensary set a precedent for Black, family-owned dispensaries in the Midwest. They offer job opportunities and a wide assortment of edibles, smokeable flower, vape pens, and other THC products. Diane, Matthew, and Chuck Brewer jumped at the opportunity to open the shop after Gov. JB Pritzker signed an equity-centric law to legalize adult-use cannabis in Illinois in 2019.

Queens, New York – Good Grades

Good Grades is a Black, women-owned dispensary that Gov. Kathy Hochul says creates a safe space for cannabis users. Located on Jamaica Ave., a predominately Black and brown residential neighborhood, the shop is among New York state’s first six retail dispensaries.