Blue Ivy's Got Bank! Jay and Bey's Daughter Bid on $80K Diamond Earrings at Grandmom's Wearable Art Gala
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Blue Ivy’s Got Bank! Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Daughter Bid on $80K Diamond Earrings at Grandmom’s Wearable Art Gala

(Screenshot: Twitter)

Ten-year-old Blue Ivy Carter is apparently a little lady in control of her spending power.

Blue’s got a lot of green, and at her grandmother Tina Knowles-Lawson’s annual Wearable Art Gala this past weekend, she placed a bid for an $80,000 pair of earrings. The little lady’s a big spender!

Saturday’s Wearable Art Gala is a partnership with Knowles-Lawson and her husband, Richard Lawson, to raise funds for the WACO Theater’s youth mentorship programs. The star-studded Harlem Nights theme was a nod to the Harlem Renaissance from the 1920s to the 1950s, “a golden age in African American culture, manifesting in literature, music, stage performance and art.”

“From music and dancing to savory culinary dishes and signature cocktails, we’ll experience the big ballrooms, jazz clubs, speakeasies, iconic restaurants, and theaters where artists such as Duke Ellington, Bill Bojangles Robinson, Zora Neale Hurston, Cab Calloway, Langston Hughes, Billie Holiday, Pearl Primus, Ella Fitzgerald, and others performed,” the venue’s website states.

It was a family affair with Jay-Z and Beyonce in attendance as well to support the initiative. Blue’s $80,000 bid sent shockwaves even among the auctioneers who announced the expensive piece of jewelry. Those auctioneers included her grandmother and actor/TV host, Keke Palmer, who were surprised when she placed the bid on a pair of Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings.

A video showing a portion of the bid was taken by Abbott Elementary‘s Quinta Brunson and placed on her Instagram account and reposted by a Twitter user over the weekend.

Carter did not win the item after being outbid by Mielle Organics founder Monique Rodriguez and her husband when they placed a final bid of $105,000.

This event took place at the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles Saturday.

This isn’t Carter’s first attempt at buying an item at an auction. Today reported that at the same event back in 2018, the young girl, who was six at the time, also placed a bid for a piece of artwork. The item was an acrylic painting of a young Sidney Poitier. After first placing a $17,000 bid for the art, she placed a higher bid of $19,000 before losing out to the winning bid of $20,000. That artwork was taken home by filmmaker, Tyler Perry.

She did manage to take home an item from that auction. For $10,000, she bid on and won a 36″ x 36″ art piece made out of deconstructed law and medical books according to Vanity Fair.