Blue Lives Matter Called Out After White Supremacist Films Himself Calling Black Cop The N-Word

Blue Lives Matter Called Out After White Supremacist Films Himself Calling Black Cop The N-Word

Social media is questioning the unity within the Blue Lives Matter movement after a white supremacist filmed himself repeatedly calling a Black cop the N-word while his colleagues watched.

White supremacist Jon Minadeo Jr. recently recorded himself repeatedly calling Black officer Darien Thomas the N-word during a police encounter in West Palm Peach, Florida, Atlanta Black Star reports. In a now-viral video, Minadeo confronts officers with antisemitic, homophobic, and racist slurs.

While Minadeo appeared to have an issue with all the officers, he took particular aim at Thomas because of his race.

“White c*cks like you, I don’t give a f*** about any of you fagg*ts,” Minadeo says in the video. “The only thing that is stopping us is that you have your badges on.”

When Thomas made a statement to aid in Minadeo being given a citation for littering, that’s when the white supremacist group leader racially targeted the officer.

“…..This n****r is getting in my face. I will get my ID but away from this n****r,” he said.

Minadeo continued to try to get a rise out of Thomas by repeatedly telling him to “shut up, n****r” and claiming a Nazi science experiment created him.

“This is the hard part, huh? When I call you a n****r to your face and you gotta act like a white man and detain yourself,” he said.

“Huh, n****r? This is hard for you, huh? Your low IQ wants to attack me over a word, n****r. You are a f*****g science experiment from a Jew.”

While a white female officer was already writing Minadeo and his group’s citation, none of the cops intervened during his racist verbal attacks. One Twitter user called out this while sharing the video on Twitter.

“White supremacists don’t give a damn if you got on the uniform,” they tweeted. “They will call you the N-word any Time any Place.”

“And you noticed the white cops did not do a damn thing to defend him. Florida,” he added.

Many others reacted to the disturbing police encounter and applauded Thomas for his “restraint” during the racist attack.

“The restraint is impressive,” one viewer wrote. “I guess their “Blue Brother” being racially attacked isn’t offensive to them. I wish they could’ve summoned similar control when that 14 year old black girl left a pool party.”

Another viewer highlighted one white female officer’s smirk while Minadeo repeatedly called Thomas the N-word.

“if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. not one of his coworkers defended those racist attacks,” they quipped.

“yes, there’s free speech but there’s also disturbing the peace.. that racist definitely broke that law and should’ve been arrested but he’s got the complexion,” they added.

Minadeo was cited for littering last month and given a $163 fine, the Press Democrat reports. He has been active in Florida after relocating from California, where he is considered “a well-known antisemitic agitator from Sonoma County.”