UBR Morning Post: Board Game Creator Sheila Moss-Brown

UBR Morning Post: Board Game Creator Sheila Moss-Brown

Sheila Moss-Brown (Source: 220 Communications)

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Executive Producer TaQuoya Kennedy speaks with Sheila Moss-Brown, creator of the board game Authenticity, about what it takes to bring a new and unconventional product idea to market.

Authenticity is a traditional board game on an unconventional topic–honesty in romance–played with directional cards divided up into seven categories that impact relationships ranging from Family and Actions to Sex & Romance and Finance. Moss-Brown shares how she developed the concept for the game and how she transformed an idea into a viable product.

Moss-Brown shares Authenticity with her husband Milton

“Approximately 80% came from my own experience; 10% from my friends’ experiences; and 10% from listening to TV, radio and strangers,” says Moss-Brown, explaining her inspiration for Authenticity in a recent interview with Black Enterprise. “Because the game was created from my own personal need, research was a reflection of my life… I did, however, consult with a few close friends on questions they wish they had asked or could have asked of their mate. After I created a prototype I used a test market to play the game and give feedback.”

Also on this week’s edition of The Urban Business Roundtable, contributor Renita Young speaks with Terry Barber, the creator of a consumer-centric survey of the most inspiring companies in America. Barber, the author of The Inspiration Factor, explains how boosting your company’s “inspirational DNA” can have bottom line results by energizing your employees and motivating your customers to becoming enthusiastic evangelists of your products, services and mission.

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