Bob Marley’s Family Launches Celebrity Magic Mushroom Line, Marley One

If you’re looking for some magic mushrooms, you can “Get Up, Stand Up” and receive them from the family of Bob Marley!

Silo Wellness, a leading global psychedelics company, has announced a collaboration with the family of legendary musician Bob Marley. Marley One is the initial product offering between the two entities and will include a range of mushroom tinctures with unique blends highlighting the brand’s connection to the island of Jamaica. The product line will include species such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and turkey tail that offer a range of unique health and wellness benefits, from immunity and gut health to cognitive function and sleep enhancement. Silo Wellness will launch a psychedelic mushroom product line under the Marley name later this year. Along with the mushroom product line, there will be functional mushroom products including gummies, capsules, and cosmetics.

“We know Bob would be proud of what we’re building with Silo Wellness and the Marley One brand,” said Rita Marley in a written statement. “Our family has always revered the ancient history and transformative potential of nature’s gifts.”

“Today is a significant milestone for our company as we introduce the world to Marley One, a portfolio of branded mushroom products with instant name recognition and global visibility honoring Bob Marley’s legacy and connection to nature and plant-based wellbeing,” said Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon in a written statement. “We are building what will become the world’s first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand, guided by our vision to help people achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives and become the best versions of themselves.”

The Marley One product line includes:

  • One Mind: A coffee-flavored blend of lion’s mane and L-theanine designed to improve focus and cognitive function.
  • One Flow: A peppermint-flavored blend of cordyceps and ginseng designed to enhance physical endurance and mental function.
  • One Harmony: A mango-flavored blend of chaga and ginger designed to stimulate gut health and improve digestion.
  • One Body: A berry-flavored blend of turkey tail and astragalus designed to support immune health.
  • One Rest: A vanilla-flavored blend of reishi and GABA designed to help reduce tension and stress and improve quality of sleep.

“As a family, we seek to use our platform to inspire positive change, and the launch of the Marley One mushroom brand, in collaboration with a pioneering company like Silo Wellness, allows us to do just that by marrying ancient wisdom with modern science. It’s our wish that these products will empower people to experience oneness with nature and the universe at large – and ultimately, achieve greater self-actualization.” said Cedella Marley, CEO of Bob Marley Group of Companies.

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