In the News: BofA to Begin $5 Monthly Fee; Hip-Hop Pioneer Sylvia Robinson Dies and More

In the News: BofA to Begin $5 Monthly Fee; Hip-Hop Pioneer Sylvia Robinson Dies and More

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  • BofA to Begin $5 Monthly Fee for Debit-Card Usage

Bank of America Corp. plans to charge a $5 monthly fee for its debit-card users, joining a number of other banks that are pressing their customers to help recover lost revenue from new regulations.

The largest U.S. bank by assets, Bank of America on Thursday said it will begin charging many of its nationwide checking account customers $5 each billing cycle they use their debit card to make a purchase. The fee, set to kick in early next year, will apply to its standard accounts but won’t apply to most of its premium accounts targeted at mass-affluent customers. The fee also will not be triggered by transactions made at automated teller machines.

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  • Hip-Hop Pioneer Sylvia Robinson Dead at 75

Sylvia Vanterpool Robinson, known as the Mother of Hip-Hop, died today from congestive heart failure, a family spokesperson told S2S Magazine. She was 75 years old.

The founder and CEO of Sugar Hill Records, Robinson is widely recognized as one of the creators of hip-hop music as we know it. She played a major role in the production of Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five’s The Message and, with the help of the Sugarhill Gang, turned Chic’s sample of “Good Times” into “Rapper’s Delight.” It was the first hip-hop record to go mainstream.

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  • As Many As 16 Deaths Linked to Listeria-Tainted Cantaloupes

Federal health officials said Wednesday more illnesses and possibly more deaths may be linked to an outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe in coming weeks.

So far, the outbreak has caused at least 72 illnesses – including up to 16 deaths – in 18 states, making it the deadliest food outbreak in the United States in more than a decade.

The heads of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration said consumers who have cantaloupes produced by Jensen Farms in Colorado should throw them out. If they are not sure where the fruit is from, they shouldn’t eat it.

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  • Jackson’s Bodyguard Takes the Stand

The first bodyguard to reach Michael Jackson‘s bedroom after the singer’s doctor called for help testified Thursday that he was told by the doctor to gather medicine vials before calling emergency services.

Alberto Alvarez said Dr. Conrad Murray grabbed the vials form a nightstand next to Jackson, who was still in his bed. “He said here, put these in a bag.” Alvarez said of Murray.

Alvarez said at first he thought he was bagging the items in preparation for a trip to the hospital. He said he trusted Murray because he was a doctor.

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