Book Review: “How The Poor Can Save Capitalism”

John Hope Bryant is one of America’s most famed empowerment leaders. The founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE—a nonprofit private banker for low-income individuals and communities—and Bryant Group Companies authored How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding The Path To The Middle Class, an insightful book endorsed by President Bill Clinton. In How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, Bryant makes a persuasive argument in the value of investing in America’s least wealthy consumers.

In detail he breaks down the history and psychology of lack of self-confidence, lack of positive role models, and lack of opportunity—the three factors that perpetuate poverty. Bryant brings a solution to each of the three national issues and offers existing examples of organizations and people who are making substantial change at the grassroots level.

How The Poor Can Save Capitalism reveals The HOPE Plan: a formula that identifies steps to create widespread financial literacy and financial access, strategies for encouraging employment and entrepreneurship, and concrete guidelines for ensuring that human capital needs are met and opportunity for all becomes real.

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