Boost Your Finances With These Great Weekend Reads

Boost Your Finances With These Great Weekend Reads

Just in case your week has been consumed with the never-ending White House scandals or the shocking allegations about R. Kelly’s sex slavery cult, then you may have missed some of the inspirational and empowering pieces that were published this week on Take a break from all the chaos in the world to hone in on your business, well-being, and financial goals with these original BE pieces.


Multiple Ways Life Insurance Can Build Wealth for Blacks and Community


Insurance is an important wealth-creating tool



Recent research shows that life insurance as an inheritance has been underutilized and under leveraged by African Americans for years. Click here to read more.


Millennial Savings Trends: Coupon-Saving No Longer a Granny’s Game


Report finds that young professionals making competitive salaries still love a good bargain


(Image: iStock/sdominick)


Coupon cutting used to be a thing of the past, but according to a new report, millennials are turning the tables on the stereotype. Click here to read more.



Quick Tips to Plan Your Own “Girls Trip” Away From the Office


Rule 1: Make sure everyone gets along


(Image: iStock/tunart)


Make it clear that extra guests, children, and significant others are not invited, because this trip is just for a special group of sister-friends. Click here to read more.


Our 2017 List of the Nation’s Largest Black Businesses Offer Strategies to Grow Your Business


Black Enterprise’s 2017 BE 100s list of the nation’s largest, and most profitable black-owned businesses


For 45 years, the BE 100s—the nation’s largest black businesses—have demonstrated enduring qualities of fortitude, dexterity, ingenuity, and, yes, swagger. Click here to read more.


Bye, Siri and ‘HelloAlice’: How Black Women Can Use This New Tech for Business Success


AI platform could help level playing field for #BlackGirlMagic in business


(Image: iStock/sturti)


Here are three ways Alice can balance the scales of success for women entrepreneurs, including those of color based on our testing. Click here to read more.