Boost Your Design Productivity With This Bootcamp Bundle
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Boost Your Design Productivity With This Bootcamp Bundle

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A designer’s mind never sleeps.

From thinking about new designs for graphics to pondering ways to enhance and spruce up existing designs, there’s always something to consider. There are several tools out there aimed at assisting in these efforts, but few pack as much into a one-stop shop as this offering.

The Designers Productivity Bootcamp Bundle is what you’ve been looking for. For a limited time, it’s available for $25. That’s a savings of 98% from its MSRP ($2000). Ten courses are included in this bundle. Individually, each course costs $200. No matter what you’re designing, there’s a course for you in this bundle.

Productivity begins with a strong base, and the “How to Be Productive: 7 Easy Steps” is a great base to have. Nine lessons aimed at teaching how to approach logically and effectively are included, and they’re tailored to different individuals. Learn how to establish and maintain productivity, learn productivity tools outside of work, among other tools.

For designers looking to grow their client base, the “Email Marketing: Build Your Amazon KDP Sales & Email List with ConvertKit” course teaches how to build an audience with lead magnets, email sequences, and autoresponders for increased book sales. Create a professional landing page without the need for a website, learn simple steps to use email marketing to build your KDP audience, among other skills.

If you’re into creating book covers for your clients or yourself, the “Book Cover Design Masterclass: Design a Book Cover for Amazon KDP in Canva” is perfect for you. By the end of the course, you won’t have to deal with difficult freelancers who never understand your requirements and create exactly what you need.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another productivity tailored for designers as concise and packed with information as this one. Purchase it today and take your design efforts to greater heights.

Prices subject to change.