Boss Mentality: Prep Now to Take Your Manager’s Place

Boss Mentality: Prep Now to Take Your Manager’s Place

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Any leader worth their salt is constantly moving up and up, advancing in their professional journey. Throughout that journey, they’ve held several positions, from entry-level to manager. The more you move up, the more chance you’ll eventually be in the same seat your boss now holds. That’s just how career advancement and life works.

So, why not put yourself in the mindset of a boss today in preparation for  your ascension? It doesn’t mean overstepping your boundaries or gunning for your boss’ seat today. It just means being prepared for when its your time to be at the helm. Author Joel Runyon details how he took a page from his previous boss’ books to prep him for his life in charge now. Check out this strategy:

What’s your boss like? In my own work history, Boss #1 was definitely someone I looked up to and wanted to emulate. I didn’t always agree with his vision or see eye-to-eye with him on every single topic, but he was someone who helped me grow as much as I could where I was.

Boss #2 was a different story. He was like a lost little puppy with very little direction and no actionable guidance. It wasn’t just him, either. As I looked around, I saw more people interested in maintaining their current status than pushing the envelope and seeing what they and the company could become.

I found myself asking myself over and over and over again: Do I want to become him?

I started thinking about what he had coming down the line. Sure, he probably could count on a nice promotion, pay raise and job security for a good long while. But he also got to look forward the same job and same schedule for the next 40 years and a relatively lengthy bureaucratic process to get anything done. Maybe that’s what he wanted.

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