Boss Moves: How to Be Confident Without Being Cocky

Boss Moves: How to Be Confident Without Being Cocky

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Many young professionals are often eager, full of ideas, competent and fearless. But some have also commonly been perceived to be overzealous, arrogant and unwilling to pay dues. It can be difficult to suppress the desire to be great while still making boss moves, but here are a few tips on how to be confident without being cocky—and avoid losing advocates early in your career:


Speak up and share your knowledge on topics your generation knows about:
Businesses with social media are a good example. Social media is an area your boss may still be trying to learn, so he will look to you to be the pro.


Become a martyr: Nothing is more annoying. If you volunteer to walk your boss’s dog or lend a hand on a company sales presentation, the whole office doesn’t need to know about your sacrifices. Your extra hard work won’t go unnoticed.

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