Boss Moves: How Women Can Leverage Global Opportunities

Boss Moves: How Women Can Leverage Global Opportunities

According to Claire Gordon of AOL Jobs “A woman is more likely to enter senior management in almost any other country than the U.S.” If you are a woman who is planning on expanding your business ventures abroad this is great news.

Leading the list is China with an astounding 51% of women in management positions. That is over half of management personnel. At the bottom of the list is Japan with only 7% of women in management and close to the bottom is the U.S. with 21%.

Although the survey doesn’t include how to go about finding opportunities in a global market, it does provide you with the data you need for areas with the most growth potential. (For the complete list of countries surveyed visit AOL Jobs.)

If you’re planning to take a leap into the global sector, Black Enterprise hosted a Twitter chat March 15, covering how women can leverage global opportunties. Associate producer Janell Hazelwood hosted the chat along with featured guests including Anie Akpe Lewis, founder of consulting and events company IBOM L.L.C; Sandra Appiah, Web publisher and co-founder of Face2Face Africa magazine; Uche Pedro, Web publisher and founder of; Octavia Goredema, entrepreneur and founder of the Twenty Ten Club, and Farai Gundan, public speaker, TV host, and founder of

During the chat women were able to talk insights, tips and experiences of working abroad and how other women can take advantage. “It’s a great time to be a #young #African #female #professional. The opportunities are countless!” said Sandra Appiah via @Face2FaceAfrica. “Foreign companies will do anything to have you if you are able to pitch yourself as an invaluable asset.”

Check out more insights and tips via a recap of the conversation below: