Boston Bruins Rescind Contract Offer to White Player Who Bullied Disabled Black Classmate

Boston Bruins Rescind Contract Offer to White Player Who Bullied Disabled Black Classmate

A contract offer has been rescinded after reports surfaced that hockey player, Mitchell Mitchell, allegedly bullied a Black student with developmental disabilities in middle school.

According to NHL, th prospect had signed an entry-level contract on Friday with the Boston Bruins before the organization canceled the offer two later.

In a written statement, Bruins team president Cam Neely shared the revelation that led to the team’s decision.

“The decision to sign this young man was made after careful consideration of the facts as we were aware of them: that at 14 years old he made a poor decision that led to a juvenile conviction.”

“We understood this to be an isolated incident and that he had taken meaningful action to reform and was committed to ongoing personal development. Based on that understanding we offered him a contract.

“Based on new information, we believe it is the best decision at this time to rescind the opportunity for Mitchell Miller to represent the Boston Bruins. We hope that he continues to work with professionals and programs to further his education and personal growth.”

The 20-year-old defenseman was selected in the fourth round with the 111th pick by the Arizona Coyotes in the 2020 NHL Draft and was offered the entry-level contract on October 7. Just 22 days later, the Coyotes relinquished the rights to Miller after the Arizona Republic reported that Miller had been involved in several bullying incidents with a Black student with special needs in Sylvania, Ohio.

The boy who was bullied, Isaiah Meyer-Crother, said the incidents took place in 2016 when he was just 14. Miller was charged with assault and a violation of the Ohio Safe Schools Act, and he confessed to participating in the incidents in court.

Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney said he had struggled with the decision to sign Miller, discussing the move with his family members. Days later, after hearing members of the team express concerns publicly and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman declare that the player was not cleared to play in the NHL, the Bruins knew they had to cut ties with Miller.