Takeoff, 810 Bowling, Lawsuit

Bowling Alley Owners Where Migos’ Takeoff Died Contest $1M Lawsuit

The late rapper's mother brought on the legal filing in 2023, claiming the venue failed to protect guests by not requiring additional security.

The owners of the Houston bowling alley where Migos’ member Takeoff was killed are fighting to dismiss a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late rapper’s mother, Titania Davenport.

The owners of 810 Billiards and Bowling seek their own legal action for the lawsuit’s dismissal, according to Radar Online. Davenport requests $1 million in damages for their negligence. The owners deny any wrongdoing on their part regarding the rapper’s death.

According to the lawsuit, Takeoff arrived to an event at the venue in November 2022. However, the owners failed to protect guests by not requiring additional security, which Davenport claims led to her son’s death. The lack of security and the Migos’ members presence, including Quavo, prompted an uncontrolled crowd.

The owners did not provide industry standard measures and “security considerations” for after-hours engagement for the invited celebrities, the lawsuit claims. Davenport said other attendees acted recklessly in an effort to intimidate her son; the lawsuit detailed Takeoff as “an innocent bystander” caught in the cross-fire of a preventable shootout.

810 Houston LLC responded that “ample evidence exists” toward the man allegedly responsible for shooting Takeoff being liable for the damages. Police arrested Patrick Xavier Clark a month after the shooting.

“There is a reasonable probability that the occurrence in question as well as the damages complained of were proximately caused, in whole or in part, by unknown criminals who participated in unlawful gambling and/or the illegal possession of firearms,” the owners explained in their response.

They also argued that Takeoff’s involvement in illegal gambling made him liable in his own death.

“Defendant is not liable to Plaintiffs because Plaintiff’s own acts or omissions proximately caused or contributed to Plaintiff’s injuries,” as detailed in their response.

Clark remains out on bond before his trial.

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