Boyfriend Suspected of Dismembering NYC Woman Allowed Other Girlfriend to Use Her EBT Card

Boyfriend Suspected of Dismembering NYC Woman Allowed Other Girlfriend to Use Her EBT Card

More gruesome discoveries are coming to light as police investigate the murder and dismembering of Dasia Johnson in Brooklyn, New York.

Investigators are still searching for the five women and one man captured on surveillance cameras leaving the apartment of Johnson, the 22-year-old woman whose murder was discovered after authorities located her dismembered remains inside a suitcase in her East New York apartment last month.

Johnson’s boyfriend, identified as Justin Williams, is a lead suspect in the murder and was detained by police over the weekend on an active arrest warrant unrelated to Johnson’s case, People reports. Johnson had an active restraining order against her boyfriend when her dismembered remains were found inside a suitcase.

Amid the ongoing investigation, authorities believe Johnson was also victimized by Williams’ other girlfriend, who used Johnson’s benefits card after her death, The Daily News reports. It’s unclear if the girlfriend is facing criminal charges or what was purchased with the EBT card.

Police released photos of five women and one man who “are being sought as witnesses in connection” to the gruesome Brooklyn murder. All six are said to have been inside Johnson’s Brooklyn apartment at the time of her death.

“Blood everywhere, pints of blood,” neighbor Stephanie Harris said at the time. “It was nasty. “You can imagine what happened to her. You know she fought for her life.”

Neighbors also recall the abuse they witnessed Williams putting Johnson and other residents through, NY Post reports. One neighbor recalled seeing Williams leave Johnson bruised and battered in the past — and even threatened one resident’s young daughter.

Johnson’s family blames building security for not doing more to protect her from Williams. He was arrested in March for violating the restraining order by showing up at her apartment to pick up some of his belongings.

On Sept. 21, worried relatives called to ask building security guards to conduct a wellness check after they hadn’t heard from Johnson. Williams prevented the guards from entering the apartment when they came to check.

The workers returned to the home after seeing the boyfriend and another male leave the apartment carrying what they think was evidence. After entering the apartment, they found Johnson’s remains and called the police.