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How Branding Makes Gen Z Most Likely To Succeed In Business

Gen Z's background in social media and creating a personal brand gives them a definitive edge in entrepreneurial success.

Who best to understand and elevate the business landscape than those who create the trends? Gen Z’s innate understanding of branding and social media makes them the most likely to succeed as entrepreneurs.

According to Business Insider, the emphasis on branding for businesses is a modern change. However, branding can be a game-changer for entrepreneurial success as well. Gen Zers are able to tap into their designated market to build a consumer base through social media.

The growing importance on personal branding marks a new trend for successful business owners. The number of entrepreneurs skyrocketed in 2020, with business applications doubling since the pandemic began. Especially in a profitable creator economy, developing a cohesive and intriguing brand is key to selling one’s product.

The road to entrepreneurship is also more viable and less tedious than before. According to a survey conducted by Business Wire in 2023, 75% of recent grads are leaning toward starting their own business ventures, with 78% saying that the career path is the most accessible. A vast majority of those studied, 93%, have already begun their entrepreneurial journey.

Also new is the access to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the creation of websites like Shopify that make building an e-commerce website easier.

“Now you can rent Shopify as an e-commerce solution in the cloud for $50,” shared Luke Lintz, an entrepreneur whose wireless earbuds sold out due to savvy online marketing tactics. “The access-to-technology barrier has come way down.”

This influx of Gen Z business owners may also have some benefit on the economy. There is hope that a greater focus on community will become the new standard.

“The effect could be tremendous growth with new disruptor-type companies coming,” said Bernhard Schroeder, a business professor at San Diego State University. “I also think Gen Z, long term, they’re going to be a kinder entrepreneur. I think they’ll be better about what they build, better about what they don’t waste, better about helping in their local community.”

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