Bravo Introduces New All-Black Spinoff ‘Summer House Martha’s Vineyard’

After seven seasons of watching a predominantly white cast enjoy their summers in the Hamptons in New York, Bravo is finally introducing an all-Black cast of elites who spend their summers in New England’s Martha’s Vineyard!

On Thursday, Bravo released the first trailer for the official “Summer House” spinoff Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard coming this May, E! News reports. The new show features an all-Black cast of 12 friends navigating partying, romance, and fallouts in the ritzy Dukes County, Massachusetts.

The cast features longtime real-life friends Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Silas Cooper, Amir Lancaster, Jordan Emanuel, Preston Mitchum, Bria Fleming, Alex Tyree, Shanice Henderson, Jason Lyke, Summer Marie Thomas, Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, and Mariah Torre, as reported by People.

Martha’s Vineyard has a long history of hosting Black vacationers who have flocked to the island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the last century. A press release lists Martha’s Vineyard as “one of the first beach destinations where African Americans could vacation and purchase property.”

The trailer credits Martha’s Vineyard as “a favorite escape for the rich, famous, and politically connected,”  known for its “natural beauty with pristine beaches, romantic sailboats, colorful gingerbread cottages, and cultural identity.”

“If you don’t know, Black excellence is Martha’s Vineyard and Martha’s Vineyard is Black excellence,” Jasmine Ellis Cooper says in the spicy trailer.


Highlights show the cast turning up and partying. Cast member Jordan says, “this is what the ancestors wanted.”

“I want to dance, I want to twerk, I want to drop it like it’s hot, I want to twerk, I want to have a drink, order a shot — rinse repeat.”


According to show clips, the fun-filled highlights take a dark turn, teasing the upcoming drama between the new cast. There might be trouble for newlyweds Jasmine and Silas Cooper among the central storylines.

An emotional sitdown shows Silas telling his wife, “This marriage thing is hard. No one said it’s easy.” She replies, “Everything in me is telling me to check out.”

Other highlights show friends breaking up, potential physical showdowns, shouting matches, and in-house rifts. The drama marks the standard recipe for a perfect reality show.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard premieres on Bravo May 7 at 9 p.m.