Break in and stay in…

I had a college radio show for three years, but breaking into the business seems nearly impossible. I would stand outside the local radio stations, but realistically I have work and other responsibilities. I have limited experience, but broadcast radio is where my heart is. Any suggestions?
–Kevin Menefield Columbus, OH

Check out Radio-Locator (, which offers info on more than 10,000 radio stations across the country, including their respective locations, formats, and Websites. Research and inquire about any and all part-time, volunteer, or internship positions with the radio stations in your area.

BLACK ENTERPRISE Radio Program Producer Martha Buckner says the best way to maneuver your way into this highly competitive business is to look to places with limited range such as AM stations or frequencies catering to niche genres.
Also read trade publications and join industry organizations such as the National Association of Broadcasters (

It may not seem like it now, but getting your foot in the door is easy compared with the challenges you’ll face once you are in. Being able to maintain and develop any position you are given will be the hard part. Employers need to see they can depend on you before they choose to invest in you. Be eager and willing to go above and beyond their expectations.