After Death of Infant Son Earlier This Year Brian McKnight Announces Wife’s Pregnancy

In a recent social media post, crooner Brian McKnight announced that there will be an addition to his family.

Last week, McKnight and his wife, Leilani McKnight revealed on both of their Instagram accounts that the duo is expecting a baby soon.

“We are ECSTATIC to finally announce BABY MCKNIGHT is coming soon!!!!!!!

To my beautiful wife you are my everything my hero my reason for living I’m so in love with you baby ♥️♥️♥️

#ourrainbowbaby #iloveourlife #babymcknight
#mrandmramcknight #knightandlei #brianized


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In May, the couple revealed that Leilani gave birth to a son, but as she held him in her arms, he passed away. On Mother’s Day, Brian posted a tribute to his wife and mentioned the loss of Kekoa Matteo.

“Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful wife ❤️❤️❤️. I treasure this picture it was our last family picture before the birth of our son Kekoa Matteo. Baby, you are the greatest example of being a mother I’ve ever witnessed. Today was supposed to be Kekoa’s due date, and I know how hard him not being here in the flesh with us is weighing incredibly heavy on us, but I know he is with us just like Julia and Jack are , as shining examples of your exceptional motherhood. The strength I saw in you through the loss of our son and the courage to deal with the hardest loss we’ve ever dealt with in our lives has been truly remarkable. I am in awe.

The R&B singer wrote about seeing an “ultrasound for the first time,” and feeling their son move when his wife pregnant. Seeing their son take his last breath while in the arms of his wife, after his umbilical cord was cut, was an emotional memory that McKnight shared with the world on Mother’s Day.


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