Bringing in the New Year With Her Boo; 10 Times the Obamas Made Us Swoon Because They're Adorable

Bringing in the New Year With Her Boo; 10 Times the Obamas Made Us Swoon Because They’re Adorable

Barack and Michelle Obama (Twitter)

POTUS and FLOTUS are fly.

And by POTUS and FLOTUS we mean our forever President and first lady, Barack “Bae” and Michelle “Keepin it 100” LaVaughn Obama, who always effortlessly gives us goals for the new year.

This time, these two power players have trolled us in the best way with their cute New Year’s Eve pics, goofy glasses and all – sending us all well wishes for a brighter tomorrow amid a year wrought with the discovery of a new COVID variant lurking, that’s trying to put a damper on our days ahead.

But Omicron be damned: for a moment in time, the former President and First Lady are giving us life.

They never fail to delight us either – whether posing comfy and cozy on the ‘gram, sending us gawking and collectively going ga-ga over all the gushing.

Obamas (Instagram)

Or hittin’ us with the baby-making hit list they publish from year-to-year, featuring songs they love that set fire to our souls, jolt us out of despair and keep us lifted yet grounded the whole year through.

Have you noticed that Barack and Michelle still somehow send us indelible messages to let us know through COVID, Omicron or even a Trump-inspired failed insurrection trip, that we gon’ be alright?

The Obamas have got our backs because we are all we got!

In any event, these two are undeniably our top couple every year simply because they understand the assignment at every twist and turn.

As New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi explains, “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. First of her name. The Khaleesi of Healthy Eating. The Owner of the Arms of Your Envy. Black Girl Magic Epitomized. Giver of Epic Side-Eyes. First Lady of my Heart,” is purely the only way to sum up all the magic that Michelle always gives. And her boo Barack isn’t so bad himself.

So, check out the 10 times Barack and Michelle made us swoon because they are as cute as can be and this Black love is the plug that continues to light up our lives.

1. Whispering Sweet Nothings In Michelle’s Ear

White House photo (Pete Souza)

2. Barack Checking Out the First Lady’s Jewels

(Boston Globe)

3. Barack Making Michelle’s Chocolate Melt

(Image: Pete Souza)

4. Michelle Waiting With Bated Breath For Her Boo to Return

(White House Flickr)

5. A Billion Dollars In An Elevator Kinda Love

(White House Flickr)

6. Admiring His One True Love

(Image: Pete Souza)

7. Fixing the Smear After the Smooch

(REUTERS Jason Reed)

8. Fixing His Bow Tie Before a State Dinner

Photo by REX/Shutterstock (5182643au)

9. The Infamous Fist Bump

(White House)

10. The Love That Will Last a Lifetime

(Image: Pete Souza)