This Is How Millennial Brittany Alexis Turns Passion Into a Paycheck

This Is How Millennial Brittany Alexis Turns Passion Into a Paycheck

Brittany Alexis
(Image: Brittany Alexis)

Brittany Alexis is a 23-year-old Detroit native, who is a nationally published graphic designer, songwriter, and creative visionary. Brittany grew up with love for music and attended the Detroit School of Fine & Performing Arts–a school once attended byR&B singer Aaliyah–as a vocal music major.

A creative graphic designer currently based out of Atlanta, Brittany has worked with celebrity clientele that includes BET, Upscale Magazine, Live Civil, and other renowned brands. Brittany is also the creator of Positive Vibes MVMNT, which is dedicated to spreading positivity worldwide, to help shift the vibrations of the planet.


About Brittany


“I am a full-time creative and #girlboss! I am a graphic designer, and I have been designing for about 11 years now! I love to create, and help people build brands. Some of the services I offer are logo creation, flyer design, event invitation design, and website development and design. I also coach other women entrepreneurs, to help them get on the right path to creating a successful brand,” she says.

“I have also been gifted with the talent of singing, and one of my biggest passions, other than designing, is writing music. Music has been a part of me since birth, and I aspire work in an A&R division of a major label.”


On How She Got Started


“I got started designing back in 2006–during the MySpace age. I would create my page layout and design my pictures with a simple desire of wanting to be different from everyone else. A lot of my peers would ask me if I could design their page the same way–people loved my work,” Brittany says.

“Then, I was challenged to take on other projects. I have an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. So, I thought to myself, ‘If I can create good looking MySpace layouts, I can create anything!’ People began to ask me to design different things for them, such as invitations, party announcements, logos, and so on. I’d never created those things before, but people [typically] loved my work, even on my first try. As time went along, I got better and better.”


Brittany’s Defining Moment


“My defining moment was when I didn’t have enough money to pay my rent, and I got evicted at the age of 21. At the time, I didn’t want to keep relying on my grandparents, who raised me, for money. I wanted to do things on my own,” she says.

“This turned things around for me in my business, because I realized it was time to step things up–word-of-mouth just wasn’t enough [anymore]. I would attend networking events and pass out my business cards. I would also walk door-to-door to talk to business owners about my services, and even reached out to people on social media,” she continues.”These strategies helped me, and I saw my business begin to pick up and grow. Now, I have a full profitable business, which allows me to sustain day-to-day living and enjoy the freedoms of life.”


Brittany’s Top 5 Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs


1. Know Your Target Audience and Create a Budget

“Knowing your target audience is paramount when it comes to branding! It helps you to create a look that can identify with a particular group of people. Invest in a graphic designer and hire a professional photographer for the best high-quality look possible,” Brittany advises.

2. Keep Things Clean and Simple

“A clean, simple style gives your brand a high-end look. Use plenty of white space, less wording, high-resolution photos, two to three colors, and one to two key fonts.”

3. Have Original Content

“Refrain from using stock images. Create your look; schedule a photoshoot,” she says.

4. Use Imagery

“Using key, identifiable images helps to engage customers. They relay a particular message to them, while also invoking an emotional connection.”

5. Be Passionate About Building Your Brand

“Passion is the key to opening the door to your success. When you’re driven by what love and have a positive mindset, you can unlock a thriving business. Then, great things will manifest,” she states.


Learn more about Brittany by visiting her website and following her on Instagram via the handle @iambrittanyalexis.