Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Bought a House for the Family of the Late George Floyd
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Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Bought a House for the Family of the Late George Floyd

Kyrie Irving

The Derek Chauvin trial is underway. CBS News is one network which has been streaming live updates. While the trial unfolds, it is timely to revisit former NBA player Stephen Jackson’s response to losing Floyd, and how others like Kyrie Irving helped his late friend’s family. Floyd’s death inspired change and culture of stepping up to respond to social justice issues. The tragedy reminded many people everyday  in communities, as well as celebrities to consider lending a hand or to use their platform to raise their voices.

NBC News previously stated that Jackson is accustomed to people sending him videos displaying police brutality. In the case of a best friend— George Floyd— Jackson reportedly did not immediately realize that the man in a video he watched was Floyd.

“It just destroyed me,” Jackson reportedly told Craig Melvin on NBC’s “TODAY” show. “I haven’t been the same since I seen it”

Jackson said that Floyd was that kind of guy who was supportive without motives. According to the former basketball player, he called Floyd “Twin,” after the two noticed their resemblance, when they met in Texas.

Floyd’s friend brought more attention to Floyd’s unfortunate demise which resulted from Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck.

Kyrie Irving — the Brooklyn Nets point guard – bought a house for George Floyd’s family. This gesture also helped to humanize Floyd, while reminding others that he left a small child behind. Back in January, Jackson discussed the gift with Etan Thomas on his “Rematch” podcast

During the talk, Jackson said that Irving purchased a home for Gianna, who is Floyd’s daughter.  Irving previously talked about the gift in a news conference, too.

“I just want to keep continuing to fulfill our purpose in serving a lot of the underserved communities,” Irving reportedly said. “Those don’t necessarily get the same attention from just others around. So, just trying to do my part with service, that’s all.”

Gianna easily represents other children who will grow up missing their fathers, due to fatal encounters. When the young girl was asked what her father was like in an interview with Good Morning America, she responded that Floyd played with her.