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Brown Girl Jane CBO Tai Beauchamp Talks Moving With ‘Authority’

Brown Girl Jane's CBO Tai Beauchamp shares wise words about living with "authority" in our "prayerfully God-ordained" destinies.

Brown Girl Jane’s Chief Brand Officer Tai Beauchamp was front and center at the ABFF Honors earlier this month, where she shared wise words about living with “authority” in our “prayerfully God-ordained” destinies.

Beauchamp shined bright at the American Black Film Festival’s annual awards season gala as a guest of Cadillac. Posing alongside Cadillac’s newest ultra-luxury EV, the CELESTIQ, Beauchamp eloquently tied in her rise in media and business to Cadillac’s Audacity campaign.

“Audacity is a reflection of standing in the face of fear and moving beyond it, even when other people don’t see the possibilities,” she told Rolling Out.

“It’s choosing to understand that you have a destiny that is prayerfully God-ordained that you move in with authority and without apology. Audacity is putting your foot on the gas when other people think that you need to break.”

Beauchamp has been on a roll since Brown Girl Jane received The Fifteen Percent Pledge’s inaugural Sephora Grant for $100,000 earlier this year. Created in 2019 by Malaika Jones, Beauchamp, and Nia Jones, Brown Girl Jane prides itself on its mood-enhancing fragrances made with vegan and cruelty-free products.

The Sephora partnership helps amplify the brand and highlight Beauchamp’s work as CBO, where she oversees the company’s growth and impact in major retailers. On the media side, the award-winning TV host, producer, and serial entrepreneur continues to make an impact with her company Tai Life Media LLC, which creates lifestyle and wellness content with global brands like Cadillac.

2024 was the second year in a row Beauchamp teamed up with Cadillac at ABFF as part of her wellness series Morning Mindset with Tai. Attending the ceremony was in alignment with her entrepreneurial work in media and celebrating Black excellence in film and television.

“ABFF Honors is like a homecoming reunion. I have these moments in these spaces because I’ve operated in film, TV, media and as an entrepreneur,” she shared. “It’s a celebration of Blackness, unapologetically. And it’s also a space for us to connect so we can create future-forward possibilities and promise for the next generation.”

During this year’s ceremony, ABFF founder Jeff Friday was honored by his two sons Ellis and Edison for his pioneering work in amplifying Black creatives in the film and television space. It was a sight to see, according to Beauchamp.

“Seeing Ellis and Edison Friday on stage, giving their dad his flowers, was very powerful to me; especially seeing young Black men honor an established Black man,” she said.

“I think, when we think about flowers being shared, we often think in the feminine experience. Our Black men also deserve their flowers too.”

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