Brown Girls Do Invest Launches Financial Education Tour for Black Women

There is a noticeable void in the financial industry to address the wealth gap of African American women. Many organizations teach women the power of investing. However, these organizations do not address the unique financial and cultural challenges of African American women. Brown Girls Do Invest is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and change the financial position of African American women and girls.

Often women of color are sitting in front of people who do not look like them. As a result, African American women do not get information that resonates or addresses their financial dilemmas. Since its founding in 2016, Brown Girls Do Invest has educated thousands of African American women. It teaches women how to invest in the stock market and real estate, as well as how to acquire multiple streams of income.

“I am passionate about African American women feeling inclusive in the wealth conversation. It is important that we understand ways we impact the economy. African American women have a voice and want to be heard. Our stories are different, yet the goal for financial freedom is just as important as anyone else,” explains Bahiyah Shabazz, founder of Brown Girls Do Invest.

Shabazz decided to offer the first-ever investing tour for African American women. Along with three other financial experts, Courtney Richardson, Esq. of The Ivy Investor, Danielle Pierce of Women, Wealth and Real Estate, and Joanna Jane Bartholomew, she is traveling the United States to educate women of color about how to invest.

The tour covers necessary aspects of wealth, including closing the wealth gap, investment and retirement strategies, and more. It features speakers and a panel discussion of local financial experts. 

“I discuss the wealth disparity and how to close the gap. Courtney Richardson teaches investment and retirement strategies. Danielle Pierce teaches how to start real estate investing through tax liens and property preservation. Joanna Jane Bartholomew teaches principles of wealth creation,” shares Shabazz.

The tour has included major cities, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, Charlotte, and Miami. It hopes to educate as many women and girls as possible in African American communities across the country.

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