Brunson Cooper, CEO of Corenic Construction, Builds Business Success

Founded in 2009 by Brunson Cooper, Corenic Construction is an innovative commercial contracting firm with a keen focus toward interior alterations, renovations, and facility additions. The mission is to provide clients with high quality construction services through uncompromised integrity and unmatched professionalism.

With vertical markets in aviation, automotive, commercial office, higher education, local government, Federal government, retail and base building projects, Corenic is rapidly becoming the agile, go-to leader in interior construction. The company is setting an indelible benchmark for how spaces can be renewed, transformed, and delivered.

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From lobby renovations to full-floor tenant improvements, the expanding team has collectively completed over 1,000 projects since inception.  Local clients have included BMW, MINI, George Mason University, NORDEN, Watergate Fitness, and Rolls Royce. recently caught up with Mr. Cooper for an exclusive interview. At what point were you absolutely certain about pursuing a path of entrepreneurship?
Brunson Cooper: It was a combination of events that led me to pursue a path of entrepreneurship. The first was through my peers in the African American Real Estate Professional Group. They would always say that I should own my own company. The second was that I realized a void of a strong minority general contractor in the Washington, D.C.-metropolitan area.  Finally, I settled on this path after I was passed over for a promotion with my previous employer.

As an African American male in his early 40s who is highly successful in business, how has this impacted your life?
This has changed my life entirely. I’m now able to provide a better life for my family, which means the most to me. Having the responsibility of running a business has continued to mold my growth in entrepreneurship. I continue to seek guidance and input every step of the way to ensure that Corenic continues to be successful for many generations to come.

On your journey, how did you overcome your biggest challenge, adversity or setback?
My biggest challenge this far was taking the step to leave my previous employer and branch out into entrepreneurship. I would have to say that my faith in God guided me to move forward and continue along this path.

Identify five (5) leading core values or principles that have contributed to your company’s success?
1)    Respect: We are dedicated to relationships. We respect all people, cultures, and we allow the best ideas to win.

2)    Trust: We are open and transparent. We earn trust through accountability at every level and in all of our interactions.

3)    Integrity: We mean what we say. Integrity is non-negotiable. We leave a positive impact through our actions and behaviors, and we always use straight talk.

4)    Collaboration: We are one. We work as a unit to achieve more through our unified culture and shared knowledge.

5)    Innovation: We are intentional in our approach. We are a team of “Well Thinkers”, and we strive to find the best solutions for our clients. We think outside the box and dare to do things differently.

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