Brunson Cooper, CEO of Corenic Construction, Builds Business Success

Brunson Cooper, CEO of Corenic Construction, Builds Business Success

Brunson Cooper, CEO of Corenic Construction
Brunson Cooper, CEO of Corenic Construction

Who would you say is your greatest mentor and why?
I would say that my father is my greatest mentor. I have a saying that he “was dipped in common sense.”  I would call him with any problem and he could break it down into a simple format so quickly by just using common sense. We lost him in August of 2013 but I continue to use his way of thinking to address any situation throughout my company. His way of talking and listening to individuals has truly guided me thus far.

What is your personal definition of leadership?
Being able to inspire others to follow your thoughts and dreams to accomplish any goal.

Talk to us briefly about the necessity of teamwork in entrepreneurship?
Every person in our company is important, from the office administrator to me. We all have a vital part to play. I always tell my team that when one person doesn’t do their part, we all are impacted in one way or another.

What would be your advice to a budding entrepreneur in the construction industry?
a) Stay true to your word. b) Develop tough skin because people will challenge you at every turn. c) Always try to know more than the person sitting across from you. d) Stay sharp … this is a forever changing industry.

Where do you see Corenic Construction by the year 2020?
Corenic will be one of the biggest prime general contractors in the D.C.-metropolitan area. We will be a leader in quality construction and the largest minority-owned construction contractor.

How would you define your life’s legacy?
Creating a business that thrives on quality work and creating lifelong relationships.

What is your favorite quote?
“Do what you say you’re going to do.” If only everyone adhered to or at least communicated this on a constant basis, things would go a lot smoother. I tell all of my subcontractors and employees this because I always do what I say that I am going to do.

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