Bun B Speaks To The First Graduating Class of Mickey Factz Hip-Hop Academy

Bun B Speaks To The First Graduating Class of Mickey Factz Hip-Hop Academy

Hip-hop has always been juxtaposed with education. Here’s more proof: the Bronx spitter Mickey Factz recently celebrated the first graduating class of his master class, Pendulum Ink Academy. Rice University professor/MC Bun B gave the commencement speech. 

HipHopDX reports that Port Arthur, Texas, native dropped gems about Pendulum Ink’s dedication to sharp lyrics and hip-hop culture. 

​​“In my 31 years, I have never seen something like what you guys have accomplished in the last eight months, and the reason I haven’t seen it is because it didn’t exist,” the “Get Throwed” rapper said. 

Bun added: “I have to say, I don’t think the academy does it justice. Because I feel like this is also a wellness center. Because we deal in a space where you’re not allowed to express your vulnerability until today. I am honored to be the commencement speaker for the first Hip Hop and Lyric Academy in the world that not only address the craft but has a care and concern for the creators.” 

After seeing parallels between some rappers living album to album and general laborers living check to check, the former New York University student decided to create Pendulum Ink Academy.

“Pendulum Ink develops a direct path to enhancing an emcee’s skillset and understanding of the Hip Hop business by providing access to classes conducted by industry experts in the areas of Rap Theory, Lyrical & Literary Technique, Content Creation, Branding, and Hip Hop mental health,” the master class website reads. 

“By nurturing creativity through lyricism, we encourage students to break societal norms within Hip Hop and Academia alike. With a lexicon of over 50 rap techniques, legendary guest teachers, and a community of emcees sharpening their skills, Pendulum Ink supports artists in all stages of their careers and their lives.” 

Bun B has been lecturing in hip-hop and religion courses at Rice University since 2011. 

In fact, hip-hop and religion have been gaining traction in academic spaces. Recently Alejandro Nava, professor of religious studies at the University of Arizona, released Street Scriptures: Between God and Hip-Hop, where Nva explains the gritty spaces from which hip-hop sprang to theology. 

Guests at Factz Hip-Hop Academy have included CyHi the Prynce, Method Man, and Lady London.