Burger King Adds a Turkey Burger, Other New Items to Menu

A week after McDonald’s announced they’ll be adding an egg white only version of their popular Egg McMuffin sandwich to their breakfast menu, Burger King is rolling out a turkey burger as part of its limited-time spring menu.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s both said they have no records of ever offering a turkey burger, but both Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have previously offered the leaner burger as recently as in late 2010. Turkey burgers proved to be so popular that they were permanently added to the menu.

“Turkey burgers as a category is growing pretty rapidly in the restaurant space,” said Eric Hirschhorn, who heads global innovation for Burger King. The brand said the burger could be permanently added to the menu if sales are strong enough.

Although beef prices have been climbing and creating pressure on restaurant chains, experts note that chicken and turkey remain more expensive because the supply chains are still far smaller than for beef. That means turkey burgers are more expensive than beef burgers of comparable size.

Other new menu options Burger King is exploring is a Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger, and a new updated veggie burger that contains red onions.

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