Steve Jobs, Business Card

Steve Jobs’ Signed Business Card Fetches $181K At Recent Auction

The auction house anticipated it would only sell for $10,000 but it sold for almost 20 times the prediction

According to Hypebeast, a recent auction allowed a buyer to purchase a business card signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for $181,183.

The sale was arranged by RR Auction, and part of the lot, “Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution,” showcased items from the beginning of the Apple Computer. The auction, which ended on March 2,1 was expected to fetch more than $10,000, but it sold for almost $200,000.

The auction boasted that it was a 1983 business card of Jobs. According to the auction’s description of the item:

“Highly-coveted circa 1983 Apple Computer business card of Steve Jobs…signed neatly in black ink…The off-white card, ​​3.5 x 2, features the iconic ‘rainbow’ version of the Apple logo and reads: ‘Steven Jobs, Chairman Board of Directors’ with the company’s address and contact information listed below…”

“The sale of the Steve Jobs-signed Apple business card for over $180,000 sets a new standard in autographed business cards. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Jobs and the profound impact of Apple on our modern world,” executive vice president at RR Auction Bobby Livingston said.

Another item sold from the lot was a 1976 handwritten check signed by Jobs. It was auctioned for $176,850 and was expected to be bought for $50,000. The check was handwritten with “Apple Compute” at the top and was written on March 19, 1976, which predates the official founding of the company. The Apple Computer Company was founded on April 1, 1976, by Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Forbes reported that an Apple-1 Computer with Wozniak’s signature, Apple’s co-founder, was sold for $323,789, and an original factory-sealed Apple iPhone sold for $147,286.

There was also a letter signed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates from 1978 listing Apple, Atari, and RadioShack as companies that “sell our BASIC with their hardware”, which was sold for $75,821, and a SpaceX business card signed by Elon Musk that sold for $39,238.