Put Your Hands Where His Eyes Can See! Busta Rhymes Throws Drink in Woman’s Face After Being Groped By Her

A Busta Rhymes fan was taken back after an interaction with the rapper went viral.

Video shows a woman, identified as Nikita Mathis, trying to get Rhymes attention for a picture and grabbing his rear end, without consent.


Shocked by what happened, Rhymes furiously turned around and threw a drink in Mathis’ face, splashing nearby onlookers as well. His security and team were seen getting in between Rhymes and the fan before the incident escalated.

According to The Sun, Rhymes was in Las Vegas for MAGIC Fashion Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Mathis, owner of Platinum Plus Fashions Boutique, felt foolish for what happened and made an apologetic statement to the Shade Room.

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind, honestly. I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic,” Mathis said. “Been a long time fan and I admit, I shouldn’t have touched him at all but he’s BUSTA. I felt like I could possibly get a pic.”

Twitter had a field day with Busta’s reaction, using memes and jokes to make light of the situation.

Some Twitter users expressed support of the rapper, saying she was wrong for putting her hands on him.

The 50-year-old rapper, who’s real name is Trevor Smith, Jr., has had an eventful Black History Month. Rhymes recently received a standing ovation during the 50th anniversary tribute to hip-hop at the Grammy Awards.