Ultimate Buy Black Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood, male parenting, and those who have filled paternal roles in our lives. It is a great day, in particular, to honor and appreciate the black men who fulfill those roles. As Neville Hall Jr., co-owner of Bold Beardsmen and the creator of the #BoldBlackDads campaign said in an interview with Black Enterprise, “Black fathers are often stereotyped as absent, uninvolved, unconcerned, and hands-off when raising their children.”

Those perceptions are exactly why Hall created the campaign. “The #BoldBlackDads campaign was created to shine a light on African American fathers and reaffirm their importance as caretakers, teachers, and protectors in black families. Through this campaign, we stand to not only educate our audience on our products, but we have the great responsibility of reinventing the image of one of the most influential, special groups in America: our black fathers,” he said. “We have the privilege to be the voice of the risk-takers, the romantics, the hard workers, the unsung heroes, the grinders, and the family men,” Hall said of black men.

And we agree. Which is why we present the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide with great gift ideas as well as a slew of products and services from black-owned businesses for the special father or father figures in our lives.

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Buy Black Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide