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Calls For Equal Pay Mount After WNBA Draftees’ Salaries Revealed

Following the 2024 WNBA draft on April 15, the salaries of top draft picks has fans shocked at the low wages.

Calls for equal pay in sports are sounding again following the salary reveal for the newest WNBA draftees. Meager contracts for Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark have fellow sports stars urging for better payouts.

Following the 2024 WNBA draft on April 15, news on what top draft picks take home their rookie year has fans shocked at the low wages. Angel Reese, drafted No. 7 overall to the Chicago Sky, will begin her first professional season earning $73,439. While it will grow by over $20,000 as she accrues more years with the team, she still will make less than a six-figure sum in the league. Sportstrac broke down the pay scale, as shared on X.

As for the WNBA’s No. 1 draft pick, Caitlin Clark, her rookie contract with the Indiana Fever shared similar figures. Even through her first year, she will also make less than $100,000, according to On3. These low numbers have led other sports stars to speak out against the gender pay gap in sports.

NFL superstar Russell Wilson posted on X of his prayers for the new WNBA players, saying they “deserve” more for their talent.

“These ladies deserve so much more,” the Super Bowl champion shared. “Praying for the day.”

For comparison, salary minimums in the NBA start at $1.1 million. As for first-round draft picks, the top-selected players can make a maximum of over $10 million. While high-ranking WNBA players can make almost $250,000, it is a fraction of what the base-level NBA player receives.

Fortunately, notable players like Reese and Clark’s NIL deals still earn them millions, offsetting their professional salaries. Regardless, their situation is sparking new conversation on the pay gap in professional basketball and other sports.

As more eyes are expected to be on the WNBA’s upcoming season, the discussion of their salaries matching this enthusiasm will also take the main stage.