Cameroonian Women Against Custom; Breast-Ironing

Cameroonian Women Against Custom; Breast-Ironing


Breast-ironing is used to deter sexual predators, early pregnancies and ensures that young girls get an education in Cameroon.

Elder women usually warm up stones and press hard on developing breasts of nine to ten year old girls. The method has been around since the 1800’s and women are speaking out about it. Breast-ironing can stop breast development, cause burns, trauma, and psychological issues.

Chi Yvonne Leina witnessed her cousin undergo the breast-ironing at the age of 14, and since then has been against it.

The practice is considered a human rights violation by the Friends of the United Population Fund (UNPFA).

One year ago, Leina formed Gender Danger, a non-profit that spreads awareness about breast ironing in the effort to end the practice.

Through Gender Danger Leina has managed to reach 15,000 women and has trained many to go out and educate others against the practice.

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