Campaigns Send Surrogates to Michigan

Campaigns Send Surrogates to Michigan

Battleground state Michigan is going to again be Clinton and Romney country.

No, Michigan isn’t going to recreate the Democratic and Republican primaries that the also-ran presidential candidates won in January, but Sen. Hillary Clinton and Michigan native Mitt Romney are returning to the state to stump for the Sens. Barack Obama and John Mccain.

Both presidential campaigns hope to capitalize on their surrogates’ popularity with Michigan voters, the AP writes. Clinton’s support in Michigan will be key because Obama didn’t campaign in the state before the primary and there are still some Clinton backers who are on the fence about his candidacy.

Clinton plans to talk to voters Saturday in Flint, Lansing, and Grand Rapids about Obama’s economic plans. Romney’s Michigan second homecoming on Thursday him a chance to urge Republicans who liked him in January that McCain has the best plan for resolving the current financial crisis.

Though McCain earlier today announced that he was suspending his campaign to return to Washington to help fix the economy, Romney’s visit appeared to still be on track.

Other high-profile surrogates on the way to Michigan are Lansing native Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Black Enterprise Magazine publisher Earl G. Graves Sr., who will speak at a forum at Pattengill Middle School

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