Cam'ron To Potential Buyers of 'It is What It Is': 'Offer Something That I Ain't Got'
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Cam’ron To Potential Buyers of ‘It is What It Is’: ‘Offer Something That I Ain’t Got’

Cam'ron performs during the Harlem's Fashion Row 15th Anniversary Fashion Show And Style Awards After Party on September 6, 2022 in New York City. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Cam’ron’s It is What it Is sports show has been part of the conversation among many lovers of hip-hop for the past month. People have noticed as Killa Cam is now claiming that offers to buy the show been coming in. 

The Harlem-bred ​rapper ​took to his Instagram account to share the news, and boast in classic Dipset fashion.

“A lot of n***as hollering at me to try and buy my show, make my show a part of what they’re doing,” the 47-year-old said. “And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else. This is fully funded by me. I ain’t go get no help, I ain’t got no partners, I ain’t got no bank that came and did all this shit.”

While Cam is putting up his own money to fund It is What it Is, potential buyers must bring something to the table. 

“Y’all gonna have to offer something that I ain’t got,” Cam’ron said. “Now, you don’t know what I got. You could assume what I got. I’m not gonna be unreasonable, but you gotta be fair. And right now, for the time being, we gonna have fun.”


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It is What it Is premiered February 27 with 126,355 views. It currently has 172,000 subscribers. 

Cam’ron knows how to trap a dollar, too. His  Pink Horse Power, a male sex enhancement supplement, seems to be doing well. Cam even suggested that Pink Horse Power is partly responsible for A$AP Rocky’s and Rihanna’s baby. 


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Back in 2020, Killa Cam released the second installment of Purple Haze. On the album, Cam’ron rapped about legendary Harlem crews like NFL, Lynch Mob, and the controversy surrounding the murder of Big L.