Can Digital Currency Be Used to Fight Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Can Digital Currency Be Used to Fight Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Over 20 million Americans are drug and/or alcohol addicted. Prescription drug addiction keeps rising at an alarming rate. Now, one company is using a new technology to help treat alcohol and drug addictions.

Hayver is launching the Duitcoin, a cryptocurrency, to treat addicts through peer-to-peer monitoring apps and crypto-rewards.

The company was co-founded by John M. Copenhaver, M.D., a physician who has struggled with his own drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Copenhaver talked about his journey in a whitepaper:

I have co-founded Hayver as a result of my personal struggle with alcohol and opiate addiction. For fifteen years, I was constantly in and out of treatment programs and rarely stayed sober. I’m a physician and I scoured the world literature searching for evidence-based, well-designed studies in the medical journals for what works for improving chances for long-term sobriety. What I found was alarming. Physicians and other licensed professionals have around a 78% chance of being abstinent from drugs and alcohol after five years, but the rest of the general population have around a 5% chance of abstinence. Statistically, they don’t stand a chance.

Accountability monitoring: checking in daily, with the random possibility of being urine tested that day. It’s the psychological deterrence that works.

The company is attacking addiction with a twofold approach: With software and with digital currency that could be used to offer rewards and incentives as addicts set about on their paths to sobriety.

Hayver issued this statement:

In 2017, Hayver Corp. released the Hayver Recovery APP, a peer-to-peer drug and alcohol monitoring app. This app currently costs less than $50 per month and is already in use in multiple states.

Hayver believes this app will improve the drug and alcohol treatment industry by using affordable, data-driven methods to improve recovery outcomes and reduce relapse. Hayver is now poised to address the worldwide addiction problem at a deeper level. It is launching a cryptocurrency, the Duitcoin.