Candace Owens: ‘Coronavirus Is the Greatest Rigging of an American Election That Has Ever Taken Place’

Candace Owens is being Candace Owens again. In her latest interview with The Daily Caller earlier this week, she claims that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest rigging of an election” ever, according to CNS News.

In a Twitter post, Owens sent out a short clip of an interview she had with The Daily Caller.

Owens is claiming that the Democrats are using the pandemic to hide their true policies and presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Her theory also adds that the pandemic is preventing President Trump from holding campaign events to get his message out.

“We don’t see the candidates, right. The candidates are not allowed to travel. They can’t talk about their policies. Who knows? They’re already saying now at The New York Times that there might not be a debate, the controversial Owens said.

“The Left is completely hiding their campaign. That is their strategy: ‘We’re going to hide Joe Biden so you never have to meet him. And, at the same time, we’re going to tell the current president that he can’t, he can’t travel—but, if he does any events, if he has a room full of people, that it’s all dangerous and against safety measures and it’s not right.

“Then, you have them talking about mail-in voting, which we know is corrupt. We know it’s corruptible. We know that it allows for tons of rigging.”

Owens also theorizes that the Democrats are forcing people to rely on a “socialist system” so they can “vote for someone who has a more socialist perspective.”

“Now, they’ve crashed the economy and forced a ton of people that maybe would have considered some conservative voting, if they had a job, their lives were together.

“Well, now they’re relying on the Left’s Socialist system. They’re relying on stimulus checks. And, that means they’re going to be more inclined to vote for someone who has a more Socialist perspective.

“They’re not allowed to work, right? So that naturally puts them out of the category of voting that they maybe would’ve been in if things had been normal, right?

“So, we see all this stuff happening and we’re supposed to think that November is not being impacted by all of this.

“Of course it is.”