Candace Owens Demands Apology From American Booksellers Association's CEO For Labeling her Book 'Racist'

Candace Owens Demands Apology From American Booksellers Association’s CEO For Labeling Her Book ‘Racist’

Candace Owens
(Image: Twitter)

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens, who is typically finding fault with Black people and stating that the racism we typically talk about isn’t really racism at all, is screaming racism herself now!

Owens has an issue with the CEO of the American Bookseller’s Association, which has been promoting Owens’ book until she realized who the book was authored by. Owens claims in a Tweet that the CEO, Allison Hill, had apologized to the people on her mailing list and labeled her book as racist.

Owens, who has always insisted that some of the things that Black people say are racist, isn’t really so. Yet,  she is demanding an apology from Hill, saying that “It is an act of unspeakable, explicit racism for a white woman to send around an e-mail slandering and denigrating an autobiographical book from a black woman who came from nothing. We cannot accept this racism.”

Twitter users were quick to bring reality back to Owens.