Candace Owens Says ‘It’s Time to Pull Our Kids Out of School’ Because They Are Taught ‘How to Hate White People’

Candace Owens Says ‘It’s Time to Pull Our Kids Out of School’ Because They Are Taught ‘How to Hate White People’

During a FOX News interview with Maria Bartiromo, Candace Owens, who is a conservative activist and author who is known for her commentary, responded to Fox’s host regarding her take on the critical race theory being added to so many schools’ curriculums.

Bartiromo stated that she wanted to discuss learning through the lens of race contradicts everything America stands for, then she opened the meat of the dialogue by mentioning a piece from her friend’s son’s class. It reportedly stated that, “if you identify as white, come to a meeting, because we want to make sure that you can thrive and strive not to be a racist.

“They’re assuming every (white) kid is a racist, Candace,” Bartiromo later remarked, during the interview.

Owens responded affirmatively while mentioning that Megyn Kelly pulled her children out of school for similar reasons.

“And this is a big topic that I cover extensively. I truly believe that it’s time for us to pull our kids out of school, and I know people say, ‘Oh, well not all of us can afford to do that. The country wasn’t built on people having a lot of money, when they were homeschooling, and we’re starting to see this more and more. It’s indoctrination that’s happening,” Owens responded.

The guest continued while mentioning that ‘they’re trying to teach a Marxist ideology.’ Owens also added that hard academics such as learning science and mathematics subjects are being replaced.

“They’re learning how to hate white people. They’re learning how to hate their country, and this is problematic for the future. What they’re trying to do is guarantee that they have an ignorant group of people that vote based on emotion. It’s a Democrat long-term strategy, and it’s finally coming into fruition,” Owens said, wrapping up her sentiments on the topic.

The critical race theory, and issue of people of color being oppressed and exploited in inherently racist ways, has been repeatedly gaining momentum.

The New York Post previously reported that Kelly said she was pulling her kids out of a “woke” Upper West Side private school. According to the article, a letter allegedly circulated accusing white people of “reveling in state-sanctioned depravity” and comparing white children to “killer cops.” Kelly reportedly read directly from the letter written by Nahliah Webber— executive director of the nonprofit Orleans Public Education Network.

In response to the letter, Kelly reportedly added, “They’ve gone around the bend. They have gone off the deep end.”

The unnamed school reportedly wanted the letter circulated amongst faculty, too.

However, there are two sides to this controversial debate. For example, in late March, The New York Daily News reportedly learned that a white Long Island Catholic headmaster forced a Black 11-year-old student to kneel down, then apologize to a teacher, calling it the “African way” to say sorry.