Candace Owens Thinks Juneteenth, The Day Black Slaves Were Freed, Is ‘LAME’

Candace Owens Thinks Juneteenth, The Day Black Slaves Were Freed, Is ‘LAME’

Candace Owens was trending on Twitter last night once again to rail against another Black movement. However, this time, she despises Black Twitter for cheering for Juneteenth as an official federal holiday.

Last Thursday, the Black conservative firebrand, best known for being the antithesis of the Black community at large to please her predominately white and older audience, made a remark that many believe was in poor taste—that Juneteenth, the day slaves in Galveston, Texas, found out they were set free thanks to  the Emancipation Proclamation, is “lame.”


In Owens’ own words, “Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation.”

“I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I’m American,” she added.


Her misinformed tweet caught the attention of critics, which led Owens to make five follow-up tweets for damage control.

However, her attempt to clarify her statement came off as a disturbing rant. From talking about George Floyd’s murder, Black people celebrating “segregation,” how every “race was enslaved at some point,” and America does not discriminate against Black people because certain African and Caribbean born immigrants, who were not impacted by American slavery or the Jim Crow era, are prosperous.


Many people called out Owens’ insidious self-hate, but none other than Twitter user Conscious Lee did a great job exposing her in a minute-long video.

Lee’s video, which comes with citations keyframed on his green screen, points out that Independence Day was originally a segregated celebration because there was inequality between Black people and white people.

He also mentioned that the Union soldiers that made Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrender were Republicans.

The last big counterpoint from Lee shows how former President Donald Trump wanted to sign an executive order to make Juneteenth a federal holiday while he was in office. Of course, he lost his election to current President Joe Biden, who carried out his pursuit.

After getting massively schooled online, Owens tweeted that Black people have a low “emotional” IQ because politicians easily influence the community.