Would You Use a Cardless Mobile ATM?

History is in the making. Members of the Diebold Federal Credit Union will be among the first people in the world to test an ATM with a mobile phone interface, according to the Credit Union Times. Diebold, which is an ATM manufacturer, is in the early stages of testing one of its new mobile-phone enabled ATMs.

The ATM will require members of its credit union to download its mobile wallet and register their debit card numbers within the application.

Following registration, the credit union’s app can be used to withdraw funds from the ATM. The customer will be prompted to scan a QR code that appears on the ATM screen.

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Upon scanning the QR code, the ATM will then dispense the requested cash amount. There is no keypad and a PIN is not necessary, which make this updated ATM much more secure. Would-be identity thieves won’t be able to engage in card skimming.

It’s hard to say when, or if, the new ATM will be available to the general public or at other banks. Right now, the only people who are able to use this revolutionary ATM are members of Diebold Federal Credit Union who are also employees.