Looking Back: 4 Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere

Looking Back: 4 Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere

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Unless you are planning to live a mediocre life, you want to make sure you’re making the most of your career choices. You want to leave behind a legacy, something you’ll be remembered by for years to come. Everyone’s impact on the world is different, but whether you are heading toward retirement, or beginning on your career path, you want to make sure your career means something and is fully satisfying.

Inc.com writer Steve Tobak highlights 4 ways you’ll know your career was worth the trouble. The sacrifice, the sweat, and the dedication.

  • Making a difference. How did you make a difference in your company? You should never leave a situation the same way that you got into it. There should be some growth involved whether it is within yourself or for your company.
  • The relationships. Along the way there will be people you impact and some who will have impacted you. Mentors, mentees, co-workers, employees even friends and relatives.
  • The ride itself. You will make mistakes. Some good and some bad. Live in the moment and give it all that you have.

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