Career Growth: Cultivate Your Passion For Success

Career Growth: Cultivate Your Passion For Success

Many people find that they don’t know what they’re good at. They’re especially plagued with this dilemma during their college years when they should be choosing a career. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t only have to be talented to be good at something. With hard work and dedication you can find and succeed in your passion.

There is no need to be envious of the artist, singer, or writer who seems to be doing a lot better than you in their glamourous careers. You can succeed at whatever you put your mind to. Whether you are a publicist, teacher, or police officer. They still have to put in the work and you can too. Brazen Careerist unveils the secret to discovering your passion. What’s stopping you?

The cultivation of passion
Consider Cal Newport’s arguments. Newport is a computer scientist and author of four books about passion. He doesn’t buy into the “follow your passion” mantra. In an interview with Joshua Fields Millburn, Newport says, “There is no special passion waiting for you to discover. Passion is something that is cultivated.”

So let’s examine an equation I’ve developed with this in mind:

(curiosity + engagement) x time = passion

We start by being curious. From a young age, we’re drawn towards the things that we’re curious about, and as we get older, we’re expected to hone in on one that particularly appeals to us.

This is where most of us get stuck, because we’re afraid to pick something “wrong.” But remember what Newport said: “There is no special passion waiting for you to discover.” In other words, there isn’t a “wrong” choice because there isn’t a “right” choice, either. Pick an interest and roll with it.

Once we’ve picked something, we acquire knowledge about that subject, which requires more curiosity. We pick up some books, read articles and watch videos about our interest. We choose majors in college that allow us to explore our interest more deeply. This gets us acquainted with its world, but we don’t stop there.

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