$1.5 Million Raised to Help Students Get Into Coding Bootcamps

$1.5 Million Raised to Help Students Get Into Coding Bootcamps

Career Karma, an app and community that helps students make important career decisions by matching them to the coding bootcamps that best fit them, just closed a $1.5 million seed round to continue to grow and scale its business.

The company, founded by Ruben Harris, Artur Meyster and Timur Meyster, took investment from multiple investors including Kapor Capital who leads diversity investing when it comes to venture capital in Silicon Valley.

So how does it all work? “People that want to break into tech complete a quiz during a #21DayCKChallenge to get matched and accepted into their top bootcamp choices in three weeks,” said Harris in a statement to Black Enterprise. “On the other side of the marketplace, the bootcamps now have a pipeline management tool to see how many candidates accepted their offers and track activity of their application funnels in real-time through Career Karma.”

Once the student is accepted onto the platform, they participate in a 21-day program that guides them through various resources to prepare them for their bootcamp interviews—including technical assessments—which have often been the downfall of many students passing go in the past. The student is allowed to connect with alumni to obtain mentorship and guidance during their prep time that has proven to be an effective strategy for the organization.

The startup profits when a prospective student enrolls in a bootcamp that they found through Career Karma. They receive a cut of the tuition including additional revenue if the student lands a job after the program is completed.

In order to support the student’s journey and ensure their viability for success, enrolled students are placed into a “squad” with additional members to give each other peer-to-peer support.

The long game? Career Karma wants to stay the course and continue to provide as many resources and information about the bootcamps as possible as they continue to grow and scale their in-demand community.