Caribbean Fashion: St. Maarten’s Color Revolution
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Caribbean Fashion: St. Maarten’s Color Revolution

Travelers flock to the Caribbean for its beautiful beaches, good food and perfect weather but there’s one overlooked element that may be of wanderlust interest too---fashion. Burgeoning designers in the United States and Europe are able to showcase their work in popular fashion week showcases but Caribbean designers tend to get over looked, so that’s where St. Maarten’s inaugural 2014 Color Revolution comes in. It’s aimed at providing a platform for up and coming Caribbean designers who have the skills to be showcased on an international level, but also to encourage sartorial enthusiasts around the world to consider new travel destinations for shopping sprees and buying inventory.

Highlights from Color Revolution include Donna Dove’s convertible dress-shirt collection, Lisa Faye's tye-dye caftans and dresses, and Kaj’s breezy resort wear. Click through the gallery for more pieces from the Color Revolution collections. --Starrene Rhett Rocque