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Carlee Russell’s Ex Reveals Couple Had ‘Little Argument’ Before Abduction Hoax

The fake abduction of Carlee Russell raised many questions about why she would do such a thing. Her ex-boyfriend appeared on a podcast and discussed the events leading up to the hoax.

Thomar Latrell Simmons, Russell’s ex, said on the 205 Boyz podcast Saturday that the two had a “little argument” before her staged abduction, People reported.

Simmons said he was on a trip to New York with Russell before she faked her disappearance. The ex-boyfriend said on the podcast that after the trip, “… we had a little argument, but it wasn’t nothing to kidnap yourself over.” Simmons called the argument “light” and claimed the two went on tours and “had fun” with family on the trip. People reported. He said, “We were going and taking tours to the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the ferry. We were eating. We were good.”

Simmons added that he was “confused” about why Russell would fake her abduction when asked if he noticed a change in his ex-girlfriend’s behavior after they visited New York.

Simmons was previously accused of several things on social media after it was discovered that Russell faked her disappearance. Some said he was a cheater, and others said he was in on the hoax. The 205 Boyz podcast host explained that some also said Simmons was not in a relationship with Russell and used her staged disappearance to get clout. He denied the accusations but said on the podcast, “I’m trying to promote myself off this situation. I’m not doing it for clout. I just have this situation … I have the opportunity to make something of myself … I’m going to take the opportunity and run with it.”

People reported that Russell was charged with two misdemeanors for staging her disappearance in July. The charges include “false reporting to law enforcement and falsely reporting an incident,” the outlet noted.

Simmons said he is currently not in contact with his ex-girlfriend.