Carmelo Anthony Talks Sports Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Carmelo Anthony Talks Sports Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MISSION was founded in 2009 by an elite group of athletes looking to create an innovation-led brand focused on solving problems for athletes. Pioneering a new product category dubbed AthleteCare, MISSION uses science and real life insight from the world’s greatest athletes, to create disruptive sport technologies that elevate performance, according to the company’s website “We’re not just passionate about performance. We’re perseverance pioneers. Because like you–we find a way. A way to push a little harder. To move a little quicker. To feel a little stronger.”

We had an opportunity to catch up with one of the most revered athletes in the world, Carmelo Anthony (@CarmeloAnthony) (, to have him share his perspective on and his involvement with the MISSION brand:

BlackEnterprise: As an ambassador and partner of MISSION, what makes the MISSION brand different from your perspective? Why did you choose to partner with MISSION?

Anthony: MISSION was focused on addressing the unique needs of athletes. They understood, the challenges and compromises players make and they provided real solutions.

How does Power Gripâ„¢ Liquid Chalk Technology contribute to the overall experience and performance of your game–pre, during or post?

As you know, sometimes the little things make the big difference. So much of basketball is about touch. If you have sweaty hands, your game is at risk. Power Gripâ„¢ eliminates that risk, helping you to focus on your game and your performance. It eliminates those simple distractions that can cause real issues.

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Did you have a role in the product development and if so, share briefly what was that experience like?

I did a lot of testing on the court, making sure the formulas were holding up to my level of play.

What are the top three benefits that you endorse about your MISSION product?

While some people like the theatrics involved with using regular chalk, I wanted a product that was easy to use with no mess. Fast acting, quick drying, no mess, and it lasts.

Was there ever a time when you did NOT have your product (though highly unlikely) and it affected your game?

I remember what it was like before MISSION came out with Power Gripâ„¢. Wiping my hands on my jersey was the norm because there were no real solutions to address the problem. Once there was, I wonder how I ever put up with that distraction in the first place.

Regarding athleticism and entrepreneurship–how do you manage and balance being a successful in business and world-class athlete?

You need to have clear vision and focus. With a good team around me and good partners, I’m able to realize my vision on and off the court.

How important do you think entrepreneurship plays in the revitalizing of the U.S. economy?

Entrepreneurship inspires people. That is good for the US economy no matter what.

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