Discovery+'s Carmeon Hamilton Talks New Series, And The Sacrifices Made That Makes Her Shine

Discovery+ Star Carmeon Hamilton Talks New Series And How Sacrifices Made Her Shine

Carmeon Hamilton (Photo: HGTV)

Discovery+ star Carmeon Hamilton is grace, class, and a little bit of pizazz in one package.

Hamilton is an acclaimed interior designer from Memphis, TN, who won Discovery+’s competition series, Design Star: Next Gen, which premiered in February. This highly watched episode series featured judges Jonathan Adlen and Lauren Makk, with special guest experts Tia Mowry-Hardrict and TV personality Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

From the beginning, Hamilton stood out. “I had been asked to do shows before, but it was something about this one that stood out to me and just felt right,” she tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

It’s easy to see why. Her presence definitely demands an explanation, and her voice is drawing. Carmeon is the definition of #ShowUpGreat!

One of the prizes that she received as winner of the competition was a brand new TV show on Discovery+, Reno My Rental. The six-episode series starts streaming this Saturday, September 18, on the platform.

In Reno My Rental, Carmeon will travel to rental homes to help renters make their place feel like home by transforming the spaces with personalized improvements that don’t compromise the structure of the property. Hamilton will use products and services of local design vendors and artisans to create the breathtaking designs.

“My mission is to help renters in my hometown of Memphis make big changes without breaking the bank or tearing down walls,” Hamilton says.

BLACK ENTERPRISE sat and connected with Hamilton.

BE: Super-congratulations on your win on Design Star! How are you handling all this noise being made about you in the design world?

Hamilton: Well, I am just taking it all in. It has not been an easy journey; however, it’s definitely been worth it. I’ve grown a lot, learned a lot. From being a corporate designer, to owning my own interior design company, to being on television, being married, raising a son…I’m taking it all in! I’m so grateful!

Tell a little bit about your journey to where you are now.

My journey has come with a lot of hard work. Early days, late nights. Huge sacrifices. Being told no, but not letting the no define who I am. I had to find ways to keep being creative. But I also believe that when a person truly finds their passion, that what others may deem “hard work” will be for those of us who love what we do, just us working toward making our dreams come true.

There truly is beauty in the struggle. What has been the one thing that you take in your journey from corporate designer to TV show designer?

Enjoy the process. You will have moments where you question if you are doing the right thing. I’ve started a business and it failed. This is where the knowing comes in. This is where discipline come in. Because you won’t always feel like showing up. I love my internet family. They inspire me in more ways that I could even depict in words. They encourage me so much. My husband, Marcus, encourages me soooo much. This is why you have to have the right people around you. Yes! That too matters!

What’s next for you after Reno My Rental? What else are you working on?

Well, hopefully a Season 2, and a Season 3, and so on and so on! [Smiles] I’m just enjoying the ride! Of course, working on and perfecting my craft. But,also helping others do the same. Helping others take their spaces and creating beauty. So many things, good things, are coming my way; my family’s way. I’m always planning and executing.


Reno My Rental content will be available across the discovery+ digital platforms at and via @discoveryplus and #RenoMyRental on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok. Fans also can follow @CarmeonHamilton on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


(Photo courtesy of Carmeon Hamilton)
(Photo courtesy of Carmeon Hamilton)
(Photo courtesy of Carmeon Hamilton)