In Case You Missed It: Get Your Mind and Money Right!

As a busy professional, we know that life can get hectic as you work toward your dreams, building your brand or business, and investing in ways to amass personal wealth. Hence, you may have missed some of the tools, resources, and inspirational articles that we published here at over the last week to help you obtain your goals. But, no worries. Here’s a rundown of some of the best stories recently published at BE.

6 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Thrive


Your network should have a variety of people with unique things to offer


Learn how to strengthen your network with these easy, simple tips. Find out the six people you need in your life to make it a success. Click here to read more.

Thinking About Snapping Up Snap Stock? You May Want to Think Again…


Put down that call to your broker for a minute


It’s always worth considering purchasing shares in a tech startup that goes IPO. However, in Snap’s case, you may want to wait until another startup does. Click here to read more.

5 Key Startup Steps to Reach Social Media Numbers Like Beyoncé


Rishabh Sharma shares his proven formula for building a loyal brand audience on social media, as used by top influencers today


Is there a formula for social media success when promoting just the business itself? The answer is YES! Learn how in five easy steps. Click here to read more.

Are You Guilty of Money Abuse?


It’s both common and socially accepted, but that makes money abuse no less destructive to your quality of life, including your finances




Money abuse is destructive to your quality of life, including your finances. Click here to read more.

5 Ways to Go From Co-Worker to Boss and Get R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Use these five tactics to make a smooth transition from co-worker to boss at your company




Here’s how you can make the smooth transition from co-worker to a managerial position at your company, in five easy tips. Click here to read more.